Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Having been punched at the Rally to Restore Sanity myself, I had a flash of excitment when I saw the YouTube video title, "Rally to Restore Sanity Organizer Punches Activist." Not out of malice toward the Daily Show crew, but out of solidarity with another punchee. I was brutally disappointed, then, to learn it was a Truther.

I'm not for assaulting people with whom one has disagreements, I don't think many are, but the brazen assholicism of the Truthers practically invites it (as Dave Weigel mentions, concern trolling public figures is nothing new to them). They take the Mormonesque self-righteous earnestness of wanting to get at "the truth," which is merely annoying, and inject it with the (ob)noxious notion that the trauma and sorrow of a terrorist attack isn't genuine enough. It's like learning you have cancer and then having a dog poop on your shoes afterward.

I guess sanity has its limits.

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  1. I also blame Truthers for allegedly 'balancing' out the Birthers in the great Everyone's-to-blame game.