Sunday, November 28, 2010

John McCain Agitates for 'Regime Change' in North Korea...

..but not military action:

McCain, one of the Senate’s leading hawks, did not specify how the communist regime in Pyongyang should be replaced, but he added: “I’m not talking about military action.” McCain said the “key” to resolving the crisis... was cooperation from China, the North’s closest ally. China "could bring the North Korean economy to its knees if they wanted to," McCain said in an interview on CNN’s State of the Union. “Unfortunately, China is not behaving as a responsible world power."

McCain isn't dim enough to think starting a third war would be popular or even feasible (though we should probably set our clocks for a Sarah Palin war drum-beating). Even Christopher Hitchens, who still defends the Iraq fiasco and wants to open a front in Iran, when surveying the horrific hermit kingdom, could only suggest the creation of an underground railroad for North Korean expatriates.

This faux-belligerence on McCain's part is little else than a war hawk's "We've Got to Do Something."

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