Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Antsy

Ron Rosenbaum is not necessarily wrong in calling out the conservative intelligentsia for prostrating itself before the incoming Tea Party juggernaut, but he's being awfully shrill about it:

Sadly the TPer has no tolerance for the complexity of genuine history. Here are two comments appended to a Radosh blog post that tries to combine criticism of Glenn Beck with some grudging respect for the TP. But the TP commenters will not have it. Consider the first comment as representative of the true thuggish, bigoted voice of the TPer when it meets with opposition and a venomous hatred of other races and religions comes out.

I'm pretty sure there's an internet rule somewhere which goes along the lines of "thou shalt not generalize based on cherry-picked comments, since most comment pages are but a step removed from bathroom graffiti." There are plenty of ignorant and ahistorical Tea Party figures one can make examples of without having to cite anonymous internet trollery.

I can't hold it against him too much, though. Tonight's going to be a massacre.

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