Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slapping the Invisible Hand

The Tea Partiers, beneficiaries of mega-rich industry giants, are now turning their ire on... mega-rich industry giants:

On the short list are General Electric and Johnson & Johnson. Their crimes: "Their initial focus" of FreedomWorks' anti-corporate war "will be on consumer firms that lobbied for passage of Obama's agenda items that helped their firms." Those items include: "healthcare reform, bailouts, cap-and-trade energy policies or other issues pushed by the administration."

Given how much liberal acrimony there was over the health care bill's deference to insurance companies, it's amusing to see the Tea Party turn on Big Business for its support of such policies. It's like a child being mad at his father for kissing his mother, because girls are gross.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely done. I'm beginning to believe that the Tea Party will provide two fun years of slapstick political theater. I'm hoping they continue to aggressively express their economic insights, disregard the expertise of veteran congressional support staff and otherwise bring the literal word of their "vision" to the legislative agenda. (Memo to Obama 2012 campaign: budget for a ton of champagne and those silly paper hats, oh, and lots of confetti. Two years of the Tea Party should obviate need for ad buys, message strategy, logistics or, you know, other campaign stuff).