Friday, November 19, 2010

Gulf in Mexico

Andrew Sullivan flags a story on Mexican journalists, and how they have essentially stopped reporting on drug cartel violence, rightly fearing for their safety.

So where does one go to find out about the cartels? Not speaking Spanish myself I can only get so far, but I did manage to find a few sites that offer unvarnished coverage.

Politics in the Zeros has a list of four blogs devoted to finding news reports on cartel violence and analyzing them.

The Guardian mentions a Twitter feed, #Reynosafollow, that talks about shootouts and other incidents that go otherwise unreported by Mexican media.

The Daily Beast earlier this year wrote about Alarma! (not having seen the site myself, I'll repeat the Beast's warning of the graphic violence contained therein), which functions basically as a death tabloid.

The most famous coverage of the drug war comes from el Blog del Narco, maintained anonymously, a must-read for all sides of the conflict, one that the cartels contact directly, posting gruesome torture and execution videos.

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