Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Day, in Pictures

The day began with the sighting of a squirrel carrying a complete slice of pizza, an omen of some sort for sure.

Downtown DC wasn't completely depopulated, not by a long shot, but it was mercifully free of traffic congestion. Here's Constitution Avenue:

I went into the National Gallery to get a sketchbook and ended up spending a couple hours looking at and sketching (and not photographing) artwork. It was close to 4 by the time I got to the Lincoln Memorial, where there were plenty of people.

To kill time I got a snack and went to the exhibit down below the memorial, part of which was this photograph, which I post without comment:

It was dark when I came back outside.

Still quite a few people at the memorial too.

I went down to the Korean War Memorial, of which my grandfather wanted me to get some night photos. This was somewhat tricky as it isn't lit nearly as magnificently as the Lincoln and Washington monuments, but I did manage.

Next was a peak... the World War II Memorial.

Then it was off to find a bite to eat. On my way I swung by the White House, which you've all seen before. I was crossing Pennsylvania Ave. and was delighted to find I could actually stop and stand in the middle of the road. I took a commemorative photo.

Ultimately I ended up having Thanksgiving dinner at Madjet, an Ethiopian restaurant on U Street, and a pretty good one too. A fine way to cap one of the better and more memorable Thanksgiving holidays I've had.


  1. Lovely shots.

    As for the squirrel, I had a similar sighting last week, when I had to step out of the way of a gull with a slice in her mouth.

  2. There's no shortage of good Ethiopian joints on U-Street, but next time you should really check out Zenebech Injera on T between 6th and 7th. It's just a hole-in-the wall takeout place with a couple tables, but the food is the best.