Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sore Wingers

Conservatives are freaking out about potential for voter fraud in next week's election:

For context, recall that Republicans are all but guaranteed to take the House and still have a fighting (if diminishing) chance of netting the Senate too. There are structural reasons for this--an unsustainably high Democratic majority, a weak economy in which the party in power tends to get blamed, historic trends of majority losses in midterm elections--and reasons particular to this election season. And yet listen to how hysterical Michelle Malkin is when she intones that "WE ARE ALL VOTER FRAUD POLICE NOW." (The manner in which she says this is uniquely suited to being transcribed in entirely capital letters without an exclamation mark.)

No pleasing some people.

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  1. If the Republicans were serious about combating voter fraud, they'd be pushing for Universal Voter registration like they have in most of Europe and Asia... and Africa... and I think parts of South America. Gosh, anyone notice a pattern? ;)