Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This sounds awfully familiar.

Small trees are supposed to be keeping the Muslims out of Tekstilshchiki, a district in south eastern Moscow. A young man sets to work with his shovel, pushing it into the earth with a determined kick. Then he places a seedling into the hole and sprinkles earth over it. Using her watering can, Maria Sotova pours some water onto the seedling. "We want a park here and not a mosque or a church or anything else," says the mother who is here with her six-year-old son. There are about a hundred residents of Tekstilshchiki gathered on this lawn --and they want to prevent the start of construction on an Islamic religious center.

Since the American right wing is so keen on trumpeting how much better and more free America is than the rest of the world, why not use this as an opportunity to one-up the damn dirty Reds and end the posturing on Cordoba?

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