Monday, January 26, 2009

Superhighway Superdeals

I've been getting most of my internet from Palmyra News, a mostly newspaper and magazine-selling store here in Bayswater (I don't go far from the hotel). They're open 24 hours a day and until 11 PM their internet starts at 50 pence for a half hour. That's better than in the states. The catch is that it's on their computers, so they're public accessed, and it can be kind of slow, for pictures.

Right now I'm at Coffee Republic, where you get twenty minutes of time for buying something. It's an interesting incentive.

Next time I'm going to try an art cafe where it claims you can pay only a pound for 95 minutes.

I know some of these places are being run by immigrant families who are willing to work for less to get ahead, but damn! This is much more reasonable than anything you'll find in McCall (except for our hotel, which tries to gouge us 3 pounds, almost 5 dollars, for 15 minutes). I thought London was supposed to be more expensive? Even taking into account the falling exchange rate, damn!

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