Thursday, January 8, 2009

And now for something completely disturbing

I previously talked about being unsettled by the strange graffiti animation previously, and perhaps I spoke too soon. Alan Moore's From Hell, just finished today (yesterday) ended up being one of the most disturbing works I've read in awhile. I knew it was violent--it's Jack the Ripper, after all--but was taken aback by the final murder, of Mary Kelly, to which an entire issue is devoted. I react to media violence based on its context and am usually not bothered, but this was almost nauseating and prompted desperate thoughts of "will it never end?" Congrats twenty years after the fact to Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell (whose cross-hatched, spattered art lends a symbolic weight to the proceedings that no literal re-enactment--especially not the travesty of an adaptation of a few years ago--can hope to accomplish) for such an affecting piece of art.

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