Thursday, January 22, 2009

Living Space, or the Lack Thereof

Our room in the Berjaya Eden Park Hotel is a curiosity. The three of us guys, the only male students on the trip, are put into a room not much larger than the others. The beds are not high off the ground enough to put our suitcases beneath them. We've ended up emptying suitcases out and putting the contents under for easy access, and the suitcases into whatever obscure corners we can find.

Our window boasts a glorious view of the hotel's numerous air conditioning units.

The bathroom is, in keeping with the rest of the city, cozy. The sink is a tiny little thing, which will make washing our clothes an interesting experience. The bathtub has three knobs, one for the faucet, another for the shower; the middle third is a mystery to us and has numbers to boot.

Apologies for the sporadic pictures. They take time to upload, and time is money.

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