Friday, February 5, 2010

Shelby's a Dick, Alright

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby is holding up 70 of Obama's appointees in order to extract a couple pork projects for his state. This from the party that screams endlessly about earmarks (which make up a pittance of our overall spending anyway). In a more ideal world (for in a completely ideal world this kind of shit wouldn't be allowed to happen in the first place) the Democrats would shout from the rooftops how Republicans are using procedural trickery to grind governance to a standstill*, but given their track record I expect them instead to curl up in the corner and cry "Stop!"

*This may sound like whining, but it's all a matter of how it's approached. Americans are supposedly pissed off about health care reform being passed through obscure, sneaky tactics, so what's wrong with pointing out that Republican chicanery is what makes this maneuvering necessary in the first place?

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