Sunday, February 7, 2010

Because Queer Still Means Not Normal

Frank Rich's column this week is off-base. Certainly, Don't Ask, Don't Tell has lost favor in every segment of the American population, even amongst conservatives. But to take this as a signal of broader acceptance of gay rights is mistaken. Lest we forget, California voters passed Proposition 8 over a year ago, Maine passed anti-marriage-equality initiative just a few months ago.

More alarmingly, anti-gay attitudes have become more comfortably nestled in today's culture. Witness CBS' rejecting an ad for gay dating site, while allowing Focus on the Family to encourage women to ignore their doctors' advice on the off chance that their endangered baby might survive, not kill them in the process, and become a professional athlete.

This, after having already communicated that if two guys kiss, they need to quickly reassert their manliness because...well, just because.

I haven't heard any larger outrage about it beyond the usual political players, which would suggest it's business as usual for contemporary America.

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