Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Story Thus Far

I got maybe three hours of sleep this morning, going to bed just before 1 and getting up at 4:15. All the while I woke myself up intermittently, terrified I would sleep through my alarm. The traditional advice for traveling is to rest well in the days leading up to the trip, but who does that? There are loose ends to be tied up, everywhere and all around.

In light of baggage price extortion by the airlines I was planning on keeping all my belongings in a single carry-on bag, plus my laptop. The restriction on liquids in packages greater than 3 ounces, however, meant I had to either jettison my oversized Proactiv acne treatment bottles--unthinkable given that I'm traveling for an interview--or pay $25 to check in my bag. I smell a conspiracy involving the TSA and the airlines, to force more people to check in baggage in exchange for not really having to do anything to address safety issues. Get me Glenn Beck's chalkboard!

While en route to Salt Lake City I took several pictures of the clouds. Unlike other travel pics, these are guaranteed to be one of a kind. Of a sort. My connector cable is in my checked-in bag, however, so they won't be up until this evening.

I'm quite happy to find Salt Lake airport now offers free Wi-Fi. The last time I was here, an overnight detour at the end of my London trip last February, internet access some ridiculous price, $5 or $8 or $12 or something of the sort. It's actually kind of shocking that Boise has been offering it free for as long as it has, considering its relatively modest size.

I have a friend who was badly burned last month and is being treated at the hospital here, where my grandparents live, and it somehow never occurred to me to set aside a couple days for them. Gad.

The airport announcer just announced over the P.A. about some flight to San Diego was now boarding, and then added "Just kidding." This was followed by a robo-female announcement that the San Diego flight would begin boarding. Airport personnel have an odd sense of humor.

I'll be landing in JFK Airport at 3:20 and trying to AirbusTrain my way into the city. Until then....

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