Friday, May 7, 2010

Last Night and Today

The first thing that happened when I got into the city and off the A Train yesterday, I randomly ran into one of my friends from the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference. He had a little show going up that night at Playwrights Horizons, which I attended. Afterwards, we and some of his friends went to a Japanese restaurant that had the worst service I've ever had. The waitress insisted we had to buy more food or go ($8 per person minimum), she didn't get us the Sake we ordered until we asked her about it 20 minutes later, and she breezed by when my friend wanted a glass of water. When we paid for the check I asked him if he was going to tip her, whereupon I learned why the service was so awful: the tip is included in the check. I only wish I had the name of the restaurant so I could dissuade others from patronizing it. At least during Happy Hour.

Today I'll be making trips to the Museum of Jewish Heritage (a Holocaust museum) and the Shepard Fairey (he's the creator of the Obama CHANGE image) exhibit at Deitch Projects. I'm going to swing by the Drama Book Shop, as I didn't get a chance to do so last time I was out here. Later tonight I'll be having Chinese food with some alums. Good times.

I also see that today is the first day in a two week showing of the newly restored cut of Fritz Lang's Metropolis at Film Forum. I'll definitely be seeing it while I'm here.

Here are some of those cloud images I promised.

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