Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Heroic Coup, extempore

I wonder lately; what is GOP?
Perhaps its gop, a substance slippery.
If so, it could in multitudes of form
Assume--for short a time when over warmed.
A watchdog, say, with tight a fiscal leash;
Mayhap a hawk whose wingspan's overreached.
A predator, a troll for carnal play,
Sometime a lamb, did seeming blameless pray.
A wolfsbane bulldog, rural and petit,
Does Pale, become a Kristol-ine elite.
With passage of a week a sixpack Joe
Translates into a plumber with a co.
A Dick with Southern Strategy appeal?
A Bu-cannon with balls of Michael Steele?
An entity so oft transmogrified
Can't be by others--self!--identified.
Take comfort, though, gop's easier to tell
The more it sheds as nears its deathly knell.

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