Sunday, September 5, 2010

On Radio

Not a terribly important thought, but I have to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio all day at work, and over the months I've come to hate the host of 60s on 6, Cousin Brucie. He's a loud, egotistical--he has a jingle to advertise and announce the start of his show. Who does that?--motormouth who says a lot without actually saying anything. Worse yet, his show doesn't seem to deviate in any significant way from the station's typical programming.

Now Bob Dylan--there's a host. With a 'cool, daddio' beatnik drawl that can enliven even the most mundane of observations ("If I make music in my garaaage, does that make me a garaaage band?"). His show on The Spectrum is always fun to listen to when I do manage to catch it, and his song selection, mostly old folk and country, is a great respite from the otherwise dreadfully boring modern soft rock The Spectrum specializes in.

He's got better taste than the Spectrum "tastemakers."

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