Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 2 Day

Most of what I set out to do today (namely, the National Mall memorial circuit) failed to happen, for complex reasons that will hopefully make for a good post somewhere down the line when I'm not so strapped for time. Essentially there was a lot of running around town to take care of loose ends that I should have tied off earlier, some of which ended up tying me up. It was finely topped, though. The Capital building made for one of the best scenic sketches I've ever done (I'm terrible with perspective and straight edges and building detail, but this one ended up being recognizable and neat) and a very nice dinner with some old friends of my parents who work in government. And, I should have access to my luggage tomorrow.

Notes and Observations:

- I'm usually not one for big one-or-two color canvases in art, but the Phillips Collection's Rothko room, with one such painting on every wall, is strangely hypnotizing, especially in the low light.
- There is absolutely no easy way to get to the Mall memorials short of taking a cab or bus. Walking is one thing, but christ is it a long way from any Metro stops.
- Football belts will not set off metal detectors.
- Prowling about the Dirksen Senate building's hallways in street clothes--the hall, with (fools?) gold(-plated) drinking fountains and silent but for the clop clop clop of the occasional shoe heel belonging to the impeccably dressed--was an exercise in discomfort.
- After finishing dinner and leaving the restaurant, which serves Hill staff and congressmen, I guessed that I was the only male wearing shorts in the whole establishment.

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