Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mock Their Stylin'

This website claims to analyze your writing style based on whatever samples you provide. Eric Martin of Obsidian Wings, for instance, seems to have absorbed David Foster Wallace's technique without having ever read him. I plugged in some of the most recent posts of this blog, and the results were thus:

- Where the Wild Things Are review: Stephen King
- Notes From Underground Analysis: Leo Tolstoy
- Shutter Island review: Chuck Palahniuk
- Wisdom teeth removal: Charles Dickens
- Finding Nemo review: David Foster Wallace

Based on these results it seems the algorithm is based more on name associations than style. Tolstoy was, of course, a contemporary of Dostoyevsky, and Fight Club and Tyler Durden are explicitly mentioned in the Shutter Island review. This, and the fact that the list of authors includes almost exclusively white males brings its worth down from mere timewaster to waste of timewaster. Lame.

UPDATE: Worse than waste of waste of time, the website is actually something of a scam for a vanity publisher.

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