Saturday, April 17, 2010

Show Photos

For anyone not keeping up the the minutiae of my life: the show I was involved in until a couple weeks ago was SatTire Theatre, a night of short plays I put together with one of my friends. Two of the plays were my own. I directed one of them, The Conversation, along with Christopher Durang's 'dentity Crisis. The project was fraught with stress and peril (we started planning it about two weeks before we started rehearsals, and pulled it off by the skin of our teeth), and so I only got to take some nice photos from The Conversation. This is just as well, since I spent a great deal of time on the lighting to get the visuals I wanted. The photos, taken by Virginia Thrash, are now online.

In other news, I should be done with my account of the Tax Day Tea Party protest tomorrow. Narrative prose is haaaaaard....

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