Sunday, March 7, 2010

The wonderful thing about Pessimism... you get to be really happy when you're wrong. I don't think the best picture necessarily won, but Hurt Locker was without reservation the better of the two frontrunners, and so I congratulate those who underestimated the bad taste of the Academy. The King of the World has been dethroned.

Of course, I ended up right only half the time, 12 out of 24 times. Aside from the titanic upset (yeah, I went there) in the Best Director/Best Picture categories, my biggest surprise was Precious' win for Best Adapted Screenplay. Up in the Air got so much attention, and most of Precious' publicity was due to Sibibe and Mo'Nique. Hurt Locker's Best Original Screenplay win, which my friend Jordan (who last year correctly called the win for Slumdog after Penn took Best Actor, and whom I still owe a beer) keenly noted put it on good footing to win Best Picture, was another surprise, but I suppose the Academy thought they would give the gold to someone who hadn't already won before (I do think Basterds and A Serious Man had the better writing, but you know that already).

The wins I was happiest with were Christoph Waltz, and Up for Best Score. Waltz's multi-layered wickedness is something else, especially considering the past three years now have seen the Best Supporting Actor award go to villains. One would think it would be old hat by now, but the difference between Javier Bardem, Heath Ledger, and Waltz's characters and characterizations is striking. As for Up, I cannot stress enough how effective its music is. Again: the film's first ten minutes are all you need.

But yeah, so much for my predictive trends. There's always next year.

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