Friday, March 12, 2010

Uncanny Valley Girls

My line of inquiry on the Turing Test and A.I. and robotics has led me to dig into material on the Uncanny Valley, the phenomena whereby robots/CGI characters/models are appreciated the more real they look up to a certain point, at which point the littlest unreal details become magnified, and we get react in horror and revulsion. With that in mind, this was probably not Maxim's finest hour:

Anywho, I found my way onto a LiveJournal page of Stephanie Lay, who is doing PhD research on the Uncanny Valley. Skimming through the page and its photos provides a sensation not unlike what one experiences visiting Cute Overload, a sensory overload (Megan Frost knew what she was doing with that name) of one particular emotion. Except instead of "Awwwww!" you say, "Ahh!!!!" I'd be curious to see research on people's brain waves in response to these two websites.

Really, I had to stop and scream and laugh when I saw this:

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