Sunday, February 1, 2009

Greek Love

I spent this afternoon in the Ancient Greece and Rome sections of the British Museum (unfortunately, I don't have time to post pictures; trying to nail down my lodging for my sojourn to Stratford, you know).

A lot of people mock the British Museum for ostensibly being a collection of relics from other cultures that they had the good fortune to rape and pillage, but that's being unfair. In at least one case, the Parthenon, they were given explicit permission to remove materials, which had already been badly damaged and would have otherwise fallen into disrepair. While I understand various countries' desires to reclaim their culture and history, both sides need to be acknowledged.

It's like a custody battle, where Britain is the loving foster family, and Greece is the ex-druggie teenage mother who's sobered up and is asking for a second chance.

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