Thursday, October 27, 2011

Light Reading

So I'm going over an idea for a writing project, a play, that deals with the current economic climate, class warfare, and Wall Street, and have started doing some reading along those lines. Simon Johnson and James Kwak's 13 Bankers made the financial crisis about as digestible as a lay person as possible, yet the Byzantine quantity and workings of such "innovations" as derivatives, Credit Default Swaps, Mortgage-Backed Securities is... daunting, regardless.

My latest read is Jennifer Burns' excellent Ayn Rand biography, Goddess of the Market. I find the ideology of Rand and her followers morally repugnant, but there is no denying her influence, and any inquiry into the lead-in and aftermath of the crash would be incomplete without an understanding of the mindset that stripped "Greed is good" of all irony.

Rand is fascinating figure in her own right, and I'll have more to say along those lines. This is merely a heads-up on the direction the blog will be taking, after laying fallow for so long.

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