Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Cherry Blossoms

After several days of cold and wet weather, today presented a good opportunity to get out and see the cherry blossoms. Most of them haven't peaked yet, but after a season of grey and and murk, the white blossoms are a welcome sight anyway.

They make the Washington and Jefferson monuments more picturesque than they already are.

Along the way I stopped to check out the George Mason monument, which I had missed when I did my tour in September.

It had one of the few fully pink trees in the Tidal Basin.

The trip home provided a few surprises. Outside the Mall entrance to the Smithsonian Metro was a Scientology booth.

This particular entrance was closed, and the one a block away was swamped with tourists. I decided to skip it and head over to the next nearest stop, L'Enfant Plaza.

I'm not familiar with the area, however, and before I managed to find the station I ended up in the plaza proper, off of L'Enfant Pomenade. It was disorienting; just a couple blocks from the crowd-packed open air of the National Mall was this conglomeration of concrete rigid buildings that was almost completely empty and conspicuously quiet. And the architecture!

Just brutal.

It was a few hours well spent. I'm quite glad I did it today; the weather right now is not so promising.

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