Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Work in Progress

Apologies for the scant content lately. There's been activity on the internship front, and things are starting to look up. It's kept me a little off-kilter, and as I'll actually start doing paid work again tomorrow on top of an internship, there may be some settling that has to go down here.

I've enjoyed having this as an outlet, and I hope to continue doing it. History, however, paints a different picture. Look that helpful right hand column that quantifies my monthly posting volume, and one will see a history of erratic posting patterns which can be roughly correlated to activity in the rest of my life. Essentially, this blog has given me something to do during previous periods of minimal obligation, be it unemployment, decompressing after finishing a show, or traveling. Finally getting back to work is obviously going to cut into an output that, let's be realistic, has at its best still been fairly moderate in terms of numbers.

But again, I've enjoyed this, even the times where I agonized for way too long on some stupid snarky punchline when I could have thrown up another post or two in the meantime. One of the most satisfying thing about doing this after taking a break from the theater world (and playwriting in particular) is seeing the audience grow. It's a limited audience to be sure, drawn essentially from real-life friends and the Golden Horde/Lost Battalion of Platonic Conversationalists/Team Commie over at Ta-Nehisi's place. But it has been heartening day after day, week after week, to put up a piece and post a notification, and see that people are actually interested. And a variety of people, too! From across the U.S., Brazil, Russia, Israel, and more.

I'm not really sure what else to say at this point; I wasn't planning on having this post go on a long as it has. Basically, posting will slow, but I hope to stave off the inconstant atrophy that has plagued this blog in the past. I like writing, so why should I stop?

I can't figure out any good way to end this post, so I'll just put it vanilla: thanks for showing an interest and reading, whatever happens.

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